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Constructivist Curriculum Framework for Maths and Science

Constructivist Curriculum Framework for Maths and Science Through exploring his reality, a youngster utilizes common interest to figure hypotheses and develop information. Fusing enormous thoughts into the educational program, educators can connect with youngsters as they build up a more profound comprehension of ideas that are connected (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). Further supporting childrens learning, evaluations are urgent in figuring guidance, and understanding what a youngster knows and can do. A summit of the previously mentioned techniques will be talked about, comparable to the constructivist learning hypothesis. Constructivism Theory Constructivism learning hypothesis is a way of thinking which improves understudies sound and applied development. The essential reason inside constructivism, is the capacity encounters, or associations, play in a childs learning. While trying to comprehend his reality, a kid thinks about his encounters to construct new information (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). A youngster is a functioning member in making information. At the point when he experiences something new, he accommodates it with past thoughts, relinquishes insignificant data, and creates new information. Constructivism doesn't excuse the critical job instructors play in encouraging learning. Instructors are instrumental in making the learning condition, just as open doors for hypothesis working through using large thoughts (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). Through the direction of a specialist, a youngster is urged to learn at a more significant level. Hypothesis Building in Young Children The constructivists approach sees youngsters with a characteristic want to get their reality. To grasp, a kid creates hypotheses, investigates the speculations, and builds new information dependent on the outcomes and what he definitely knows While showing a unit on creatures, understudies turned out to be especially inspired by penguins, and why they have wings yet don't fly. The educator chooses to permit the kids to additionally investigate penguins as a major aspect of an exploration unit. The kids find that penguins utilize their wings to swim, and are brilliant swimmers. This disclosure provoked a few understudies to build up a hypothesis that all creatures with wings are acceptable swimmers. The educator plans a visit to the neighborhood zoo to watch a few winged creatures; some of which who swim, and some who don't. During the visit, understudies had a few inquiries concerning explicit creatures, and started to comprehend that not all creatures who have wings can swim. The yo ungsters at first accepted all creatures with wings can fly. In the wake of discovering that penguins have wings, however use them to swim, the understudies comprehended that not all creatures with wings can fly. They at that point change their reconsidering to accept all creatures with wings can swim. Through this procedure of hypothesis assembling, the understudies developed new information about winged creatures. Large Ideas in Instruction Expanding on themes that premium kids, large thoughts give structure that advance further learning (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). Using large thoughts, youngsters build up an oddity about ideas, and are better ready to comprehend in any case secluded realities. Learning ideas that are associated with a larger thought, bolster increasingly far reaching understanding (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). A major thought that can be utilized in the youth study hall, is the huge thought connections. Drawing in understudies through the investigation of network aides, and how they can support them, could incorporate different territories of the educational program. Music can be consolidated as melodies are sung about different network assistant employments. Investigating people group partner vehicles, understudies would have the chance to sort little toy vehicles as per qualities, or finger portray the vehicles. These exercises advance fine engine abilities. A craftsmanship segment can likewise be incorpor ated, as kids draw, or finger paint photos of the vehicle that are utilized to support the network. Playing different partners occupations, could make open doors for kids to investigate and find how different instruments are utilized to play out the employments. This can likewise welcome conversation about the trading of products or administrations. Through play, youngsters will associate with one another and the earth, creating enthusiasm for the enormous thoughts that outline them (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). Music and development can be joined as youngsters sing tunes about the aides, and claim to carry out every responsibility. Evaluating Math and Science Evaluations should bolster a childs learning of math and science ideas. Proper appraisal strategies are crucial to assessing what a kid has realized, and shaping future guidance. While evaluating youthful childrens calculated advancement in math and science, instructors must think about the course of improvement for every youngster, just as their way of life and foundation (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). Assessment of the aptitudes learned by small kids must depend upon rehearses that fit anticipated learning abilities and conduct for their stage, and change as suitable to help development and advancement. Offering explicit open-finished conversation starters, evaluations ought to be directed in different settings, including entire gathering, and one on one circumstances to gain a real image of the childs cognizance of ideas (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). Evaluation Guides Instruction The general target of evaluations, is to help educators in settling on proper instructional choices with respect to how to best instruct kids. Every childs learning ought to be surveyed as a feature of a progressing pattern of arranging, reporting, and assessment. Following, or during guidance, an appraisal is directed and examined to detail choices to re-instruct, offer further help, or continue with the present arrangement (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). Evaluation Documentation Documentation incorporates, assembling and dissecting data about childrens information and is indispensable to the way toward evaluating childrens learning. Through different kinds of documentation, proof of a childs however process is saved to help the instructors investigation (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). Two types of documentation that help evaluations are, recording remarks of kids as they work and, gathering a book of childrens representations (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). Recording kids, and their discussion while working, gives noteworthy data in regards to the learning and point of view. As kids are urged to make portrayals of their learning, and furnished with the devices vital, they can speak to their comprehension of an idea (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). The completed item can be ordered into a class book and fill in as documentation of their learning. The two techniques are helpful when examining progress with the kid, or with families. Talking for Assessment Comprising of four primary parts, the adaptable meeting permits the youngster to control materials as the individual in question clarifies their manner of thinking (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). This technique gives the instructor knowledge into the childs thinking Conducting a meeting is a compelling apparatus to evaluate childrens comprehension of math and science ideas. Talking assembles significant data that will help the instructor in understanding the childs thinking, and plan successful exercises that address the issues of every youngster (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). End The constructivist approach centers around a kid building learning dependent on his encounters. As a result of his longing to grasp the world, a kid will fabricate and apply speculations to create understanding, bringing about the arrangement of new learning. The educator can help kids in learning at a more elevated level, by executing huge thoughts in the educational plan. Appraisals are additionally instrumental in advancing a childs learning. Appraisals in math and science can advise an educator about what the youngster knows and can do. Without evaluations, instructing would be contained exercises and exercises that push ahead, regardless of whether they bode well, or a youngster comprehends or not. Through appraisal, and documentation, guidance is defined to address the issues all things considered. References Chaillã ©, C., Davis, S. M. (2016). Coordinating math and science in youth study halls through enormous thoughts: A constructivist approach. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc. Through exploring his reality, a kid utilizes common interest to define speculations and develop information. Fusing large thoughts into the educational program, instructors can draw in youngsters as they build up a more profound comprehension of ideas that are connected (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). Further supporting childrens learning, appraisals are critical in planning guidance, and understanding what a youngster knows and can do. A climax of the previously mentioned procedures will be examined, according to the constructivist learning hypothesis. Constructivism Theory Constructivism learning hypothesis is a way of thinking which improves understudies judicious and reasonable development. The fundamental reason inside constructivism, is the capacity encounters, or associations, play in a childs learning. While trying to comprehend his reality, a youngster thinks about his encounters to construct new information (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). A kid is a functioning member in making information. At the point when he experiences something new, he accommodates it with past thoughts, deserts unessential data, and produces new information. Constructivism doesn't excuse the essential job educators play in encouraging learning. Instructors are instrumental in making the learning condition, just as open doors for hypothesis working through using large thoughts (Chaillã ¨ Davis, 2016). Through the direction of a specialist, a kid is urged to learn at a more elevated level. Hypothesis Building in Young Children The constructivists approach sees kids with a characteristic want to get their reality. To appreciate, a kid creates speculations, investigates the hypotheses, and develops new information dependent on the outcomes and what he definitely knows W

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Critical Analysis Of A Midsummer Nights Dream Essays -

Basic Analysis Of A Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare, conceived in 1594, is probably the best author in writing. He kicks the bucket in 1616 subsequent to finishing numerous works and plays. One of which is A Midsummer Nights Dream. They state that this play is the most absolutely sentimental of Shakespeares comedies. The subjects of the play are dreams and reality, love and enchantment. This unprecedented play is a play-with-in-a-play, which ace essayists just compose effectively. Shakespeare demonstrates here to be an ace essayist. Pundits think that its an assignment to clarify the unpredictability of the play, crowds think that its satisfying to peruse and watch. A Midsummer Nights Dream is a satire joining components of affection, pixies, enchantment, and dreams. This play is a satire around five couples who endure cherishes odd games and the malevolence behind the wicked stunts. This play starts as Theseus, the Duke, is getting ready to wed Hippolyta. He charms her with his blade. Hermia is enamored with Lysan der. Egeus, Hermias father, denies the relationship with Lysander and requests her to wed Demetrius. Demetrius adores Hermia, however she doesn't cherish him. Then again, Helena is enamored with Demetrius. To settle the disarray, Theseus concludes that Hermia must wed Demetrius or become a religious woman. In counter to her dads order, Hermia and Lysander flee together. In the midst of the considerable number of issues in the human world, Titania and Oberon, the pixie sovereign and ruler, ceaselessly contend about their different connections that they have participated in. (Scott 336) Titania leaves Oberon because of the contentions. Oberon is harmed and needs retribution on Titania. So he tells Puck, Oberons hireling, to put an enchantment blossom squeeze on her eyelids while she is resting. This elixir makes the casualty frantically infatuated with the main animal that they see. Oberons plan is done, yet the elixir is likewise positioned on Lysanders eyes. Lysander stirs to see He lena, who is erratically strolling through the forested areas, and in a flash begins to look all starry eyed at her. She imagines that he is ridiculing her being infatuated with Demetrius, so she leaves and Lysander follows. This disregards Hermia to wake up. Puck presently has ventured to the zone where a few on-screen characters are practicing. He utilizes his enchantment to transform one of them into a jackass, with the expectation that Titania will wakeful to see it. Similarly as arranged, she rises and experiences passionate feelings for the jackass. Oberon and Puck catch Demetrius and Hermia contending about their connections and understand that they had committed an error. In order to solve the issue, Puck places enchantment squeeze on Demetrius while he is dozing. He rises to Helena, who presently has two men in adoration with her. Hermia is crushed in light of the fact that Lysander doesn't adore her any longer. Helena and Hermia contend in light of the fact that Helena ima gines that Hermia is in on the mens joke. Every one of the four contend and leave. Puck convinces them to rest all together and a greater amount of the counteractant is set on the eyes of Lysander. Titania additionally gets another portion of the mixture, and rises and shines to her significant other Oberon. A triple wedding is arranged and everybody is glad. ( 1-3) Throughout the play there are numerous references to the sex and sex jobs of the characters. As portrayed in the basic article by Shirley Nelson Garner, the commanding male force and abnormal sex jobs of the characters is familiar all through the play. The requesting of the pixie, human, and characteristic universes is a development toward fulfilling mens mental necessities; however it likewise disturbs womens bonds with one another. The contention among Titania and Oberon emerges from Titanias focal point of consideration toward a taken Indian kid. Oberon utilizes his position to compel Titania to surrende r the kid, and he is stunned when she resists him and leaves. Her connection to the kid is sexual, on the grounds that she treats him like Bottom after she becomes hopelessly enamored with him by a spell. The fundamental purpose behind Oberons objection of Titania and the young men relationship is that he covertly needs the kid for himself. Oberon makes a move since his capacity is undermined by Titanias love for the kid. He needs her

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Two Years Ago, I Loved Smoking - Leslys Story

Two Years Ago, I Loved Smoking - Leslys Story Addiction Coping and Recovery Personal Stories Print Two Years Ago, Cigarettes Were My Best Friend Leslys Two Year Smoke-Free Milestone By Terry Martin facebook twitter Terry Martin quit smoking after 26 years and is now an advocate for those seeking freedom from nicotine addiction. Learn about our editorial policy Terry Martin Updated on June 24, 2019 Lesly More in Addiction Coping and Recovery Personal Stories Methods and Support Overcoming Addiction Alcohol Use Addictive Behaviors Drug Use Nicotine Use From Ex-Smoker Lesly: Two years ago, I was a smoker. My cigarettes were my best friend and most constant companion. I could not walk from one room to the next without my cigarette pack and lighter firmly gripped in my hand. I could not sleep through the night without getting up and spending time with my best buddy. The whole world was my ashtray. No place was sacrosanct - not the car, not the family room, not my childrens bedrooms. There was no No Smoking sign that could daunt me - Id been known to lean against them to cover them up while I smoked. If you had asked me, I would have told you I was a considerate smoker. Thats what all smokers think. The truth is there is no such thing as a considerate smoker, just like there is no such thing as a considerate Russian roulette player. Eventually, you are going to make a mess that someone else has to clean up.I like to say that SOMEHOW, all the stars and planets aligned themselves perfectly with my decision to try, try again to kick the butts out of my life. Of course, that is not completely true. I had done extensive reading, and had found this forum where I lurked day after day, watching as people actually QUIT SMOKING! People who sounded amazingly similar to ME! In the beginning, it was very rough. I struggled, and I had constant visitors. Their names were anger, self doubt, anxiety and depression. I couldnt seem to keep them out of my space, and they hammered me relentlessly about the AUDACITY I had to think I could desert my best friend. I kept my eye on the prize and tried to ignore their nattering.I got sick of the visitors and decided I needed reinforcements to boot them out of my life. So, I invited in Determination to be my body guard. Next, I welcomed in Gratitude as my new best friend. These friends served me well; they were great positives to replace that negative chatter. The unwanted guests still tried to hang around, still tried to sneak their way in, but they got weaker and weaker as the walls of my smoke free world got thicker, the locks got stronger, and my friends and I marched on. Gradually, the chains of addiction loosened - almost so gradually, I didnt really notice.I can remember telling a new ex-smoker the other day about my car stalling out in a parking lot on a frigid, below zero day with strong, gusty winds. The towing place I called promised to have a truck out to me within an hour. It got there 3 hours later. Was I mad? HECK yes! I was anxious, and mad, and freezing and I felt like crying. But through all of that - I never had one teensy weensy THOUGHT of a cigarette. It didnt even occur to me! When I posted this to the Newbie, it took me back - WOW! I never even realized it until weeks after the fact!Do I still get depression, anger, etc. knocking at my door? Yeah, I do, but they would not DARE come around because of a cigarette. Determination, Gratitude, and I have come way too far for that! If I have thoughts about cigarettes at all, its kind of like you would think of an old lover that you happen to run into. You might look at them and say - hmmmm! I had some GREAT times in that relationship! Then you think a minute, and you say - OH YEAH! NOW I remember - that SOB (gender neutral) was a rotten, no good slime bucket that was trying to destroy me! Thank GOD I kicked that Ash out of my life (pun intended) As Henry Ford said: If you think you can or think you cant, you are right. So I say - give yourself a huge dose of positive attitude and be amazed at the miracles you can create for yourself in your own life.~Lesly~(Leslyr)Two years, 49 minutes and 30 seconds. 25586 cigarettes not smoked, saving $4,477.58. Life saved: 12 weeks, 4 days, 20 hours, 10 minutes.No One Was More Addicted Than I Was Cigarettes Are a Deadly LieGratitude is My AttitudeDesperate to Smoke - Desperate to Quit

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Developmental Psychology An Introduction - 2958 Words

Developmental Psychology: An introduction Psychology is a field that is broken down into many subfields, each field distinctive in their nature. One of the most studied fields is developmental psychology. Before I explain the field in depth, it is important to understand what developmental psychology is, and how it came to be. Developmental psychology is mainly a scientific approach, which aims to explain how children and adults change overtime (Lerner, Lewin-Bizan, Warren, 2011). Most uniquely, it is a field that looks at change over time and what instigated those changes (Miller, 2011). The discipline itself has two main goals: to describe the behavior at each point in the person s development, and to identify the causal factors involved in producing changes in behavior (Vasta et al. 1998). Developmental psychology as a field has informed many other subfields of psychology as well including educational psychology, child psychopathology, and forensic developmental psychology. Developmental psychology also encompasses other fundamental research fields in psychology including social psychology, cognitive psychology, ecological psychology, and comparative psychology. The study of development is not a new discipline. In fact, many of the central controversies about human development date back to ancient Greece and Rome, and the traditions of western philosophy (Lerner et al., 2011). Developmental psychology as a field of study however did not truly exist until after theShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Role of Methodology in Developmental Research1467 Words   |  6 PagesThe Role of Methodology in Developmental Research Developmental psychology may be defined as a branch psychology devoted to understanding all changes that human beings, experience throughout the lifespan (Berk. E. L 2003). Developmental psychology focuses hugely on development in childhood, as major changes occur in childhood, it is the scientific study of ‘how we grow and develop’, (Davenport 1994). Developmental psychology aims to understand the important aspectsRead MoreSocial Construction of Childhood Essay1286 Words   |  6 Pages1. Introduction Social constructionism gives meaning to phenomenon in social context and connections between culture and society build up realities in their circumstances. The studies of this idea have been conducted more than thirty years by a number of North American, British and continental writers (Burr, 1995). However, in childhood studies this notion appears later on. It is mostly held universally, childhood is a stage that biologically existing in human life in early years. It should be consideredRead MoreHuman Development,Family and Society Essay1650 Words   |  7 PagesCo-Author: A.Pravinth – I MBA SSM School of Management, Komarapalayam. ABSTRACT This paper gives an overview of Human development, family and society from three angles via., biology, psychology and humanity. In biological terms, this entails growth from a one-celled zygote to an adult human being. Whereas in terms of psychology, it refers to the gradual accumulation of knowledge and is the scientific study of changes that occur in life of human beings. In terms of humanity, it involves studies of the humanRead MoreChallenges Of Building And Maintaining Effective Research Partnerships Essay984 Words   |  4 PagesAnnan, M., Chua, J., Cole, R., Kennedy, E., James, R., Ingibjà ¶rg, M., †¦ Shah, S. (2013). Further iterations on using the Problem-analysis Framework. Educational Psychology in Practice, 29, 79-95. Asen, R., Gurke, D., Solomon, R., Conners, P, Gumm, E. (2011). â€Å"The research says†: Definitions and uses of a key policy term in federal law and local school board deliberations. Argumentation and Advocacy, 47, 195-213. Barton, R., Nelsestuen, K., Mazzeo, C. (2014). Addressing the challenges of buildingRead MoreWhy The Practitioner Scholar Model Is Aligned With My Personal And Professional Goals1644 Words   |  7 Pagesfirst year in Midwestern University’s Clinical Psychology program has been one of self-exploration and discovery. I have expanded my knowledge of the field of psychology while growing as an individual and clinician. The lessons I have learned at the Cancer Support Community (CSC) are priceless. Furthermore, the academic knowledge I gained has made me grow as a clinician. In this paper, I will define the two main training models in the field of psychology, and explain why the Practitioner-Scholar modelRead MoreDevelopmental Psychology And The Life Of Anne Frank1068 Words   |  5 Pages DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY AND THE LIFE OF ANNE FRANK Name: Professor: Course: Date: Introduction Developmental psychology is rapidly becoming an inalienable branch of the subject of psychology. Developmental psychology can be defined as the scientific study concerned with how and why human beings develop over the course of their life. Although connected with infants and children, the scope of developmental psychology has expanded over the years. It also describes the concepts of adolescenceRead MoreThe Effect Of Environmental And Genetics On The Development Of A Person1000 Words   |  4 PagesOne of these oldest arguments in the history of psychology is the debate of whether or not ones environment or genetic background plays more of a role in the development of a person. Both nature and nurture have been proven to play an important role in one’s development. Nature is what we think of as pre-wiring and is influenced by genetic inheritance and other biological factors. Nurture is generally taken as the influence of external factors after conception e.g. the product of exposure, experienceRead MoreSocial Psychology1703 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Social orientation is the recognition of human psychology and behavior. The emphasis on human thought, emotion, and behavior was to represent the thought, emotion, and behavior of members of a social group. Thomas Hobbes declared that the social groups are nothing more than a collection of individuals and that of social thought, emotion, and behavior, governed by the pursuit of pleasure and avoidance of pain (Greenwood, 2009). Cognitive psychology represents the distinction amongstRead MoreWhat Can Psychology Teach Us About Human Development?1558 Words   |  7 PagesPSYCHOLOGY ESSAY WHAT CAN PSYCHOLOGY TEACH US ABOUT HUMAN DEVELOPMENT? WORDCOUNT 1532 INTRODUCTION Psychology evolved out of both philosophy and biology. Discussions on the two subjects date as far back as the early Greek thinkers such as Aristotle and Socrates. The word psychology is derived from the Greek word ‘psyche’ meaning ‘soul’ or ‘mind’. Psychology is both an applied and academic field, that is the scientific study Of behaviour and experience. Research into psychology helps us toRead MoreBrittany Portwood. Educ 2130. Dalton State College. March1197 Words   |  5 PagesBrittany Portwood EDUC 2130 Dalton State College March 23, 2017 Introduction Psychology is full of theories that explain why we think the way we think. Of those theories, is the popular Piaget’s theory of cognitive development. Jean Piaget introduced a variety of ideas and concepts to the world of psychology describing logical thinking in children and adolescents. To fully comprehend just how valuable his theories are today, it is important to explore the life of Jean Piaget, his educational

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Mandatory Public School Uniforms are a Good Thing Essay

Nowadays, we see many teenagers dress in spaghetti-strap tank tops, low-cut shirts, drop pants, pajamas, and even spandex shorts in school even though there have been policies about dress codes. Teachers, parents, and other adults feel disgruntled about the way they dress. Many students also complain about difficulties in concentrating on schoolwork because of the same reason. Obviously, what students wear to school has become a very distracting issue in the school environment. Therefore, school uniforms should be required in public schools due to many reasons. There have been many forums and discussions about mandatory school uniforms in public schools. They assume that wearing uniforms is a kind of Nazi education tactic; however,†¦show more content†¦Thus, when all students are required to dress the same in school, from tops to shoes, they won’t be able to show off their wealth. There shouldn’t be any great distances in economic matters between students because they are sensitive subjects to most people. In addition, many people object to this idea because they think uniforms violate their freedom of expression. They can’t express their own personal styles and characteristics because of the blandness of the uniforms. It is true that everyone has their own right to express themselves; however, they do not go to school all day and all year long, which means they can express themselves in many other situations. Furthermore, everyone lives in one big community, in which discipline is an utterly essential part. If a puppy doesn’t get trained when he is young, he will grow up a wild dog that urinates wherever he wants and barks at whom he sees. Discipline today will contribute to the success of all students in the future. School uniforms lower gang violence since students can’t group up and dress in some particular ways, and visitors can be distinguished from other students. They also help reduce bullying in public high schools. According to Kathleen C. and Carl A. Cohn’s â€Å"School Improvement Initiatives in Long Beach, California: The Quest for Higher Student Achievement, Behavior, and Dress Standards† in Education magazine, which was published on December 22, 1998, LongShow MoreRelatedPersuasive Essay On School Uniforms1422 Words   |  6 PagesCatholic elementary school, middle school, and high school. I found it easier to attend and focus on school when wearing the same clothes as everyone else. Today, tiny southern towns even to the nations largest cities, public school uniforms have become so common this year that in many areas, they are no longer the exception, but the rule (Lewin â€Å"Dress for Success: Public School Uniforms†). Imagine a parent’s comf ort in knowing their child was being treated as an equal at school each and every dayRead MoreWhy School Uniforms Should Be Mandatory952 Words   |  4 PagesInsanity, doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. Evenings spent laying out school clothes for grandchildren quickly teaches us just how insane the current expectations for school dress can be each day. Individuals will face this problem on a daily basis, which can lead to a stressful task. Mandatory school uniforms can benefit each family member in numinous ways. Lifting financial burdens for parents and the constant peer comparison for children. It alsoRead MoreShould School Uniforms Be Mandatory? A School Setting?1071 Words   |  5 PagesTopic: Enforcement of uniforms should be mandatory in a school setting Thesis: School uniforms in private and public schools are very beneficial to the educational institution to help promote better learning and positive social skills. I. Introduction: Allowing school uniforms into an educational environment, whether it be a college, university, or elementary, or high school setting would be a benefit to the entire institution. In short, uniforms have many positive benefits: preventing violence,Read MoreThe Implementation of School Uniform Policies649 Words   |  3 PagesThe institution of mandatory uniform policies in schools across the United States would prove advantageous in a myriad of areas such as violence and crime prevention, cost effectiveness, as well as academic performance and unity within the student body. Schools and school districts that have implemented such ordinances have experienced exceedingly satisfactory outcomes. Violence and crime rates have radically diminished. Parents who are feeling the effects of the economic recession have been ableRead MoreWhy School Uniforms Should Be Mandatory871 Words   |  4 PagesInsanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. Evenings spent laying out school clothes for grandchildren quickly teaches just how insane the current expectations for school dress can be each day. Individuals face this problem on a daily basis, which can be a stressful task. Mandatory school uniforms can benefit each family member in numinous ways. Financial burdens for parents and constant peer comparison for children. It also allows students of differingRead MoreFocus On Education Or Clothing?778 Words   |  4 PagesEducation or Clothing? Insanity, doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Evenings spent laying out school clothes for grandchildren quickly teaches us just how insane current expectations for school dress decisions are each day. Individuals will face this problem on a daily basis, which can lead to overwhelming stress. Enforcing mandatory school uniforms can benefit each family member in monumental ways. Uniforms can lift financial burdens for parents and the constantRead MoreWhy School Uniforms Should Be Mandatory886 Words   |  4 PagesFocus on Education Insanity, doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. Evenings spent laying out school clothes for grandchildren quickly teaches us just how insane the current expectations for school dress can be each day. Individuals will face this problem on a daily basis, which can lead to a stressful task. Mandatory school uniforms can benefit each family member in numinous ways. Lifting financial burdens for parents and the constant peer comparison forRead MoreSchool Uniforms Make a Better Learning Environment Essay585 Words   |  3 PagesSchool Uniforms Make a Better Learning Environment In recent years the face of public schools has changed drastically. Our schools were always intended to be a place where the students could go and learn in a safe and secure environment. Unfortunately for us, the times have changed; discipline, safety and security in our public schools have all fallen by the wayside. Today, our children are faced with the growing threat of violence and crime in their classrooms. In aspirations of bringingRead MoreShould School Uniforms Be Mandatory?1280 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout my time in school I was consistently filled with anxiety over looking my best, and I am sure many other people (girls especially) felt this from middle school through high school. The solution is uniforms! In schools where uniforms are not mandatory, the stress of â€Å"keeping up with the Jones† can create a lot of differences and struggles for students. Having mandatory uniforms in schools would create a safer and more welcoming environment for stude nts, limit their stress, and lets themRead MoreWhy we need dress codes, argumentative essay MLA.1452 Words   |  6 PagesSchools Need Dress Codes Dress codes in public schooling have recently been a controversial issue nation-wide. Mandatory uniform policys measures and emphasize the benefits of students on specific behavioral and academic outcomes. The arguments for the issue are just as strong as those against the issue. There are two main points surrounding school uniforms: performance and school and reduction of violence due to uniformity. Uniforms are argued to positively affect student safety by: lowering

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Dominance is a state of action as opposed to inaction and an individual must work hard in order to achieve it. To reach Dominance you must reason and be a thinker as this is unique to humans, it is the final cause for humanity as it is the most fulfilling position to be in. Reaching such a superior end goal requires hard work and effort: â€Å"man is a political and social animal† – the greatest good for a person is for them to actively participate in the politics of society and to interact with other humans, morality can only arise once these activities have been performed. We will write a custom essay sample on Explain Arisotles Virtue Ethics or any similar topic only for you Order Now A riotous life is an ongoing task and can only be achieved through practice and education. â€Å"Dominance is an end in itself’ and is merely pursued for its own virtues rather than as a means to an end. A virtue, for Aristotle, is a trait that contributes to a person functioning well as a human being such as bravery and generosity. A virtue is not doing one action on one given occasion such as giving to charity once and then never again, it is not ‘feeling virtuous as you are not brave if you feel brave and do not act upon it and it is also not a natural inclination as someone who has been born that way has not worked to become virtuous. Aristotle concludes that a virtue is a learned nature/tendency to reason and act in a certain way. We are each responsible for the choices that we make based on personal vice and virtue, how virtuous a person may be is entirely dependent on how they will intend to act in any given situation. The doctrine of the mean/the golden mean is a central concept in Aristotle virtue ethics. According to the doctrine of the mean, a virtue is a mean state between two extremes: one of excess and one of deficiency. To be virtuous, one virtue must connect with another. Virtues will only fully develop in a minority of people and the doctrine of the mean can be used to guide you; however you must be educated to use this. And so, an element of elitism can be seen here. For example: it is good to be courageous, however you can have too much or, even, too little courage. Aristotle did not explicitly declare what the midpoint was, and so it is clearly not of numerical value and so it must be more about acting at the right time. Although virtue ethics does not give you a clear answer to an ethical dilemma, it allows each individual to respond to each different situation they face. Aristotle believed that there were 4 different groups of people. There are vicious people who are those that do not attempt to be virtuous. There are incontinent people who face moral conflict but usually choose a vice. Continent people do the virtuous thing most of the time but still have to overcome a moral dilemma, and virtuous people enjoy doing good actions, and so they face no moral dilemmas in life. Choices are important as every human has an aim in life. Such aims are then split into either superior or subordinate aims and, according to Aristotle; the superior aim of an individual is Dominance as this is the final purpose of a human. In society, some people re hedonists and seek pleasure, some serve the community and seek honor (politicians) and some are philosophers and live in a state of contemplation. Aristotle believes philosophers to be the best as they possess the ability to exercise key intellectual virtues which allow them to steer themselves towards Dominance. Virtues are either moral or intellectual in which there are 5 intellectual virtues according to Aristotle: prudence/practical wisdom, intuitive intelligence, wisdom, scientific knowledge and craft/art. Of the 5 virtues, Aristotle considers practical wisdom to be the most important in Virtue Ethics as it imply describes moral behavior, and does not require people to do something different to what they already do. You may do a string of good actions, but unless you know the direction you are to go then you may end up on the wrong path. Since people act differently in every situation there are no inherently bad actions. Anyone who is virtuous should, theoretically, always make the correct decision. Aristotle Virtue Ethics is person rather than action based; it looks at the moral character of the person carrying out an action. Good character traits must be cultivated and developed in order for people to truly achieve Dominance. How to cite Explain Arisotles Virtue Ethics, Papers

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Extempo Speech Essay Example

Extempo Speech Essay As student, explain the value and relevance of this years theme In our present time. There is no greater solution to whats happening in our country today than to be united in one cause. The fact that we are gathered together in this great hall with the hope alleviating and educating ourselves on disaster risk management and reduction is a part of that solution. I may be young and innocent but innocence is different from ignorance. There is no valid point in arguing whether one contestant in this competition excels the most, the fact that we are here today, to stand before you all and give our speech on how to mitigate disasters is a win-win solution not Just for myself or everyone around here but for our community. In the recent years, our country has been plagued by typhoons, earthquakes, and other natural hazards. But it Is Important to keep In mind that disasters are not natural, they only occur when people lack preparedness or the ability to cope with hazards. We will write a custom essay sample on Extempo Speech specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Extempo Speech specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Extempo Speech specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer According to the united Nations, disasters Imposed large humanitarian and developmental challenges, the frequency and severity of disasters increased over the last few years due to climate change. According to them, 226 Million people are affected by these hazards every year and in 2000-2010 almost 680,000 people died on earthquakes due to poorly constructed buildings. Now, these facts merely illustrated the difference between vulnerability and our capacity to cope if these tragedies happened. According to I-IN, a school in Japan saved hundreds of students merely because their alluding was constructed to withstand the most tragic disaster to hit the country in 2011. These are but an evidence of how knowledge on disaster preparedness Is able to minimize the damage a natural hazard can cause. This years theme on National Disaster Consciousness Month explained that without disaster preparedness and the awareness of disaster prevention one society cannot simply move on or better yet progress. According to the National government in 2005 alone typhoons cost $12-1 ban of damage and will cost 5% of GAP. Our economy cannot smoothly allocate resources and budget if we are going to be hit again by these hazards not only will our economy suffer but the very lives of every Filipino people. International Red Cross Society has already declared the Philippines as the 4th Most Accident Prone Country in the world and in the last ten years alone we have already sacrificed million people. As a student, I can only understand that the tragedy is not found only in the midst of a devastating typhoon but to the poor preparations our communities have undergone to mitigate the damages. We need to act now, be willing to be educated on disaster preparedness and reduction. Knowledge Is power and In unity comes greater strength. We need to understand the fundamentals of this information on how to lessen and avoid damages to our communities. The National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council has already mapped out the areas that are prone to dangerous zone. People should be willing to be trained by different international and government agencies on how to act when disaster strikes. Drills have already been in progress since 2000 on earthquakes, typhoon, flood, fire to prepare communities to be self-resilient. For our communities to prosper, we should stand out this turmoil that we are in right now and be united to stand in one cause.